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Velocare Extended Care

 Velocare Extended Care
$129.00 - $1,299.00
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The ultimate protection and peace of mind for your new bike. Covers everything from your wheels to your drivetrain* and saves most bike owners $100s in parts and labor costs.

*Learn more from your DWC bike professional.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
3-Year ($300-999.99 Bike Value) 3VCARE999 3VCARE999
3-Year ($1000-2499.99 Bike Value) 3VCARE2499 3VCARE2499
3-Year ($2500-3999.99 Bike Value) 3VCARE3999 3VCARE3999
3-Year ($4000-5999.99 Bike Value) 3VCARE5999 3VCARE5999
3-Year ($6000-8999.99 Bike Value) 3VCARE8999 3VCARE8999
3-Year ($9000-12999.99 Bike Value) 3VCARE12999 3VCARE12999
3-Year ($13000-17999.99 Bike Value) 3VCARE17999 3VCARE17999
5-Year ($300-999.99 Bike Value) 5VCARE999 5VCARE999
5-Year ($1000-2499.99 Bike Value) 5VCARE2499 5VCARE2499
5-Year ($2500-3999.99 Bike Value) 5VCARE3999 5VCARE3999
5-Year ($4000-5999.99 Bike Value) 5VCARE5999 5VCARE5999
5-Year ($6000-8999.99 Bike Value) 5VCARE8999 5VCARE8999
5-Year ($9000-12999.99 Bike Value) 5VCARE12999 5VCARE12999
5-Year ($13000-17999.99 Bike Value) 5VCARE17999 5VCARE17999