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Women's Cycling & David's World Cycle

David's World Cycle is your destination for women's cycling, with a wide selection of the best and most comfortable bikes, riding clothing, helmets, shoes, and more. Our stores are staffed with you in mind – whether you're hopping on a bike for the first time, or are a seasoned bike racer. This page is meant to serve as a guide – packed with all the essentials, from our favorite local routes to what to wear. All things women's cycling, all in one place.

Trek Women's Advocate – More Women on Bikes

Meet Trek Women's Advocate


CEO and Co-Owner of David's World Cycle

Favorite ride: Fort Christmas
Loop w/ David Sanborn
Favorite bike: Trek Madone SLR 9 Disc
Time as a Trek Women's Advocate: 2 years

Yvette has been passionate about bikes and creating the best experience for every David's World Cycle guest since her start with the stores nearly a decade ago. She takes great pride in watching women discover the sport of cycling – whether for leisure or competition – and is here to help any fellow ladies answer questions about cycling clothing, the best style of bike, where to ride, or anything else you might have questions on.

Yvette Andrerson Sanborn with bike

Start with the Essentials


Let’s get one thing straight:
A women’s bike is any bike a woman rides. 

What matters most in a bike is what feels best to you. Every Trek bike is built with the same performance frames, drivetrains, and suspension – for men and women. Because that’s the way it should be. Come see our team of friendly experts, and let's find the perfect bike for you.

cycling essentials

Cycling Essentials

Our women’s cycling apparel features this season’s hottest colors and most flattering fits. From tops and gloves to socks and shoes, we have gear designed for your body and your style.

group rides and events

Group Rides & Local Events

Feel better, ride more, and explore every day. Ask us about our group rides and social events and start growing your own cycling community. From group rides, to clinics, we offer it all!

 where to ride

Where to Ride?

We get it, Central Florida is expansive and some of the best places to ride – trails, paths, and roads – are tucked away. We put together a collection of our favorite spots – for every style of riding, just for you.

road cyclist


From stories about epic rides, adventures, local advocacy, and more – we are adding new stuff to our blog each and every week. Want to share your own story with the David's World Cycle community? Send us a note, and let's chat!

Trek Women's Ride Guide

Your go-to guide for all things ladies' cycling. Sit back, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy.

Read the Guide

What Bike Should I Get?

The first thing to do is determine what your goals are. Second, think about where you will ride and how often. Third, start to narrow down the options by discussing with the experts at your local David's World Cycle shop or browsing our selection of bikes online. Test rides and questions – any and all – are always welcome and complimentary.

Shop Bikes

Why should I buy a bike from a bike shop?

Because a website or a big box store can’t fix a flat, tune your derailleur, correct your saddle height, pour you a cup of coffee, or wax endlessly about that one time when you almost won that one thing. Locally owned bike shops are the heart and soul of cycling, and while the prices at your local Super-Something may seem enticing, they cannot match the quality and expertise you will find at your local bike shop.

Where can I find people to ride with?

Your shop is a great place to start. From weekly rides to women’s events, your local shop already knows a bunch of people who would really like to ride with you. If you’re having trouble getting started, check out Trek Women on Facebook or email Yvette at David's World Cycle, and we will help you out.


Electric bikes eliminate the barriers you may face while riding a bike, and remind you why you love riding one in the first place. Whatever your motivation, we have an e-bike to meet your reason as well as your budget.


Bike Commuting
Goes Business Casual

The barriers to riding to work are universal: You live too far. You don’t have time. You can’t arrive sweaty. Electric bikes conquer all your concerns, allowing you to ride farther and skip traffic with less effort.

Check out Super Commuter+ 7


Carry Everything.
Or Everybody

Before electric bikes, carrying kids or replacing a car for errands was out of reach for many. Electric bikes put you back in control of whatever it is you’d like to do more of with a bike. They will not, however, control your kids when you ask them to sit still for a photo.

Check out Check out Verve+ Lowstep


Ride Everything

An electric mountain bike is the quickest way to superhero status. Cover more distance, ride longer, climb whatever hill you like and get more out of your time outdoors.

Check out Powerfly 5 Women’s