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What's a Smart Trainer?

The future of indoor biking is here, made possible by an expertly-crafted line of trainers from Tacx, Saris and Wahoo. Smart Trainers not only allow you to ride the bike you love indoors, but also provide full ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, and Bluetooth connectivity. Realtime speed and power tracking is at your fingertips.

Direct-Drive or

Just like with bikes, there is a smart trainer that will suit your needs and help you achieve your goals. A direct-drive trainer mounts to your bike's rear drivetrain, with the trainer itself standing in for your back wheel. Direct-drive trainers deliver the most realistic ride feel, more stability, +/- 2% power accuracy, and no wear on your tires. Wheel-on trainers are a bit easier to mount your bike to, and are oftentimes more economical. Also available in smart options, wheel-on trainers are an excellent choice for a first-time trainer. Stumped? Let us help guide you to the right trainer.

Ride from home.
On your schedule.

Forget about weather forecasts and charging your lights, rain or shine, pre-sunrise or post-sunset, you can ride a smart trainer at the time of day that works best for your busy life. Set it up in your garage, living room, studio or office, and ride to your goals.

Real time tracking.

All models of Tacx, Saris and Wahoo smart trainers feature simple connectivity features – allowing you to queue up your workout to your favorite apps, including Zwift and Trainer Road, your smart phone, Garmin, and more. Track your fitness progress with power data, speed and distance readings, and more. Stay motivated by virtually riding with friends and competitors, and experience the future of indoor biking for yourself.

Direct-Drive Smart Trainers

Wheel-On Trainers