The ABCs of Awareness

While riding your bicycle, day or night, standing out is a good thing.

Based on research conducted with Clemson University, Trek’s recommendations for increasing your visibility on the road will help you to stay safer on every ride. The ABCs of Awareness - Always On, Biomotion, and Contrast - provide all cyclists with an easy to understand and implement plan for choosing the right combination of cycling gear to stand out when it matters.


Did you know that 80% of accidents occur during daylight? Keep your front and rear lights running, day and night. Ask us about our new Bontrager daytime running lights, which significantly reduce the likelihood of a collision.


Highlight your body’s moving parts - not just your torso. Wear products with reflective materials on your feet and legs. This high visibility gear makes you more recognizable as a human, and less likely to be overlooked by a motorist.


Understand your riding conditions, and choose the right gear for the occasion. Opt for fluorescent cycling apparel during the day, and transition to reflective materials at night. Stand out, day and night, with the ABCs of Awareness.

Always On » Lights

BioMotion » Reflective Gear

Contrast » Bright + Reflective

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