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Recumbent Bicycles

What Is A Recumbent?

Recumbents bikes are ridden in a reclined, sitting position, with a backrest supporting your back. These are great for all riders, especially those who struggle with back/neck issues, have balance problems or physical disabilities. Mature cyclists and riders with disabilities will certainly appreciate the convenience and comfort of these laid-back style bikes and are still looking to experience the joys and pleasures of cycling.

Mature Cyclists

Anyone with many years of riding will appreciate the relaxed, suspended seats, offering a more comfortable alternative to the standard bicycle. Long distance rides are much easier in a reclined position and standard comfort features like ergonomic seats and neck rests let you pedal for miles.

Cyclists With Disabilities

Recumbents are easy to operate and stable, making them perfect for those with physical handicaps or any kind of balance issues. With a design that is low to the ground and naturally balanced, recumbent bikes and trikes offer a a style of riding that is more accessible to cyclists with disabilities.

Everyone Else

From kids of all ages to adults looking for a different style of cycling, recumbents are the perfect choice. A comfortable riding position makes it easy to pedal for miles. Lightweight design and stable geometry offer fun for everyone.

Why Go Recumbent?






With a relaxed, seated style of riding, you can eliminate neck, shoulder, back and wrist pain from your rides.

Easy To Use

Just sit and steer with a crank set right at your feet and ergonomic handles for easy steering.


Foldable models allow for trikes to be easily transported and stored wherever you need.


Three wheels create a safe platform and a low center of gravity to lessen impact in the case of a fall.

Shop Recumbent Bikes & Trikes

$3,550.00 - $3,575.00
$2,750.00 - $2,775.00
$2,350.00 - $2,375.00
$4,350.00 - $4,375.00
$6,950.00 - $6,975.00
$5,350.00 - $5,375.00
$5,350.00 - $5,375.00
$5,750.00 - $5,775.00
$3,350.00 - $3,375.00
$2,750.00 - $2,775.00
$5,950.00 - $5,975.00