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Bicycle Trade-In Program

How It Works

Trading your bike in at David's World Cycle is easy. Bring your bike to any of our 21 convenient Florida locations, and our friendly staff will give you a quote on the spot. When you trade-in with David’s World Cycle, you can be sure you are getting a fair deal because we base our trade-in values on’s analysis.

Get an idea of your bike's value now using our value calculator below!

Why Trade-In at David's World?

Upgrade Your Collection

If you have a bicycle that you no longer use, trade it in with us and we'll give you credit towards something you will actually ride!

We Want Your Trade-In

We sell used bikes, which means that we actually want your trade-in. Most dealers do not which can result a low trade-in offer.

No Hassle

Don't want to deal with Craigslist or the hassle of packing and shipping a bike? Trading-in is a quick and easy way to get real value out of your old bike.

Used Bike Value Calculator

The Fine Print

  • Bike for trade must be presented in-person at the time of the transaction. We will not evaluate bikes based on photos, emails or ads.
  • All valuations will be provided by the 3rd-party database. For bikes that do not exist in this database, an ad hoc good faith valuation will be made.
  • valuations assume all stock components.
  • Trade-in credit cannot be redeemed as cash; the amount offered must be used towards a bike purchase.
  • David’s World Cycle will offer a minimum of $15 for any trade, no matter the condition of the bike.
  • David’s World Cycle considers bike trade-ins only and does not accept gear, clothing, parts, etc. Trade-in credit cannot be redeemed for cash. David’s World Cycle reserves the right to decline any bikes for trade-in credit for any reason. All trade-in credit is final. For more details email