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At David’s World Cycle, we’re committed to providing you with the absolute best bicycle service in Florida. Our friendly, experienced technicians are here to answer your maintenance and repair questions, and to provide you with the value and expert service that you deserve. Learn more about our service packages, and find a David’s World Cycle Service Center near you today.

David’s World Service Packages

When you choose one of our comprehensive maintenance packages, your bike will be returned to you with refreshed, powerful braking, smooth, crisp shifting, and a like-new feel that you’ll enjoy for many miles. All service and bike repair packages include all lubricants, shop supplies, and disposal fees.

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  Ride Safely & Smoothly Our Best Value Our Most Detailed Package!
  500 miles or Annual 1500 miles or Annual 3000 miles or Every 2 Years
  BIKE: $89 BIKE: $149 BIKE: $259
  TRIKE: $109 TRIKE: $179 TRIKE: $299
Brake adjustment & lubrication
Shifter adjustment & lubrication
Wheel hub bearings adjustment
Bottom bracket adjustment
Minor wheel truing
Chain lubrication
Frame wipe down with protectant
Shifter cleaning & lube  
Derailleur removal, cleaning & lube  
Chain removal, cleaning & lube  
Chainring removal, cleaning & lube  
Professional detailing of frame  
New chain & cassette installation  
New saddle install & adjustment  
Complete disassembly & cleaning    
Complete reassembly & lubrication    
Hub bearing inspection & repack    
Headset bearing inspection & repack    
Installation of ALL new components    
Professional detailing of bicycle    

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